Challenge X2: Join the BUD Leaders movement

Bringing £50Million into Global Majority Organisations

Do business differently. Build a fairer business world.

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We have a bold goal to change the way the UK does business. To overturn the huge disparities for Black and Global Majority women, and eradicate the decisions being made today that worsen inequity. 

We want to double the revenue of 2030 Global Majority women by 2030.

A minimum of £25k increase in revenue per organisation will mean an overall £50Million increase.

Shockingly, less than 1% of corporate spending currently goes to Global Majority led businesses, and only 5% of Black women owned businesses secure contracts with large businesses.

It doesn’t stop there. There is also a massive lack of access to tool, resources, finance, networks and the levels of confidence to be successful. We aim to collaborate with you to challenge and change this. 


The time is now move from talking to doing


The time is now to go after true equity


The time is now for collaboration


Pledges to date and counting

Join the movement as a Global Majority leader.

Join the movement as a large organisation, trust, foundation or government body.

Who should be involved?

Our Challenge X2 2030 pledge is an invitation to join changemakers from large businesses, trusts, foundations, Global Majority small business owners and entrepreneurs to change the way the UK does business and build a fairer business world.

What change do we want to see?

This pledge encourages all involved to actively work towards addressing the systems and structures that create inequity in the business world, focusing on increasing revenue and growth of Global Majority led businesses. This will in turn create ripple effect as others see more people that look like them becoming successful. We hope this movement creates a legacy!

How does it work?

Signing up to pledge via our BUD Leaders Community Platform (BLOC) will allow you to register your active support. There are several ways for you to be involved, including skills sharing, being a change ambassador, mentorship, sponsorship, accessing finance, entering supply chains, access to space and more.

Once you’re involved, you become part of the community committed to ChallengeX2. BUD Leaders will actively invite you to join in with workshops, events, programmes, and more.