We are BUD Leaders.

We want more Global Majority women represented and visible in leadership positions in the UK and wider society.

We use the phrase Global Majority because people of colour represent over 80% of the world’s population. We want our voices and ideas to be heard, our ventures to be funded, and our success to lift others up with us.

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We are seeking to rectify the power imbalance evident in leadership across organisations in the UK.  

Our approach is two-pronged: we work with Global Majority women-owned organisations to help them to address the systemic barriers to progression they are facing, and with large corporations, trusts and government bodies to increase diversity in their teams and throughout their businesses.

Our work fosters collaboration, empathy and knowledge-sharing. Together, we move towards equity and this benefits everyone.

We invite you to join us, and build a fairer business world, together.

I want to grow my Global Majority women-owned organisation.

I want to increase equity and diversity in my large organisation.

What we do

We aren’t just another consultancy, we are BUD, and we do things the BUD way!

We are a social enterprise with flair, creating safe fun processes when dealing with difficult topics, in order to create change. If you are looking for death by PowerPoint, look the other way!

BUD Leaders supports organisations in 3 main areas:

Systems change

Programmes that address the root causes of inequity. Get the policies and processes in place that support inclusive leadership, diverse businesses and the growth of Global Majority led small/medium enterprises

Organisational development

Signature programmes for Startups and organisations that are scaling and hoping to access funding and enter supply chains. This includes consultancy and facilitated workshop packages for organisations and their teams.

Leadership development

“Everyone wins when the leader gets better”. Through bespoke training and coaching via our bespoke frameworks, leaders will feel better equipped to lead their teams and themselves successfully, creating inclusive cultures within the workplace.

Why BUD Leaders?

Fun experiences

We’re here to change the narrative about training and workshops. Did you know that those that laugh during learning are able to concentrate more intensely, improve their memory and learn at a faster rate?. We create fun, creative and interactive experiences where everyone gets involved!

Tangible outcomes

Yes, we like fun, but we recognise the importance of having something that can be used towards action and change. We ensure that what we design leaves you with tangible actions and outcomes that help overcome the challenges you face.

Lasting legacy

We are not the organisation for you if you just want  one-off, tick the box training. We are focused on creating programmes and experiences that create real change, change that lasts. The kind that makes you say, “what has happened here, will not only affect me, but many others in a positive way”.


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