This week, BUD ran part of our women’s workshop, The Butterfly Within. For the two-day residential Woman’s Retreat we went to the Roehampton Kairos Centre where everybody was treated to great food and fabulous weather. It was so peaceful there – a brilliant environment to reflect in and bond with others.

The retreat was focussed on reflection, understanding everybody’s unique talents and skills and how they can be used to achieve future goals and discover the butterfly within everybody.  

Ultimately, the weekend was a great success and extremely therapeutic. Everybody who came left feeling relaxed, confident and excited about the future and with a real sense of clarity.

Check out this video just to give you an idea of the stuff we got up to!

Thank you to the Roehampton Kairos Centre for providing a brilliant environment.

Most of all, congratulations to all the inspirational women who took part! Thank you for making it such a special weekend and one we won’t forget!

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