Lead Positive Change Tribe 1 Graduation

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This week, BUD celebrated the graduation our first Tribe of participants for our course, Lead Positive Change. It was so satisfying to see how much each and every participant grew. It was especially gratifying to see how participants improved in different ways.

Re-Imagining Finance for Community Projects & Businesses

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Need funding to start your community business but not sure where to start? Our event Re-Imagining Finance for Community Businesses and Projects, held last week at the Impact HUB Brixton, generated quite a few ideas that are worth exploring.

Innovations in Leadership

I have designed a really exciting new course on How to Successfully Lead a Community Project.

The Fundamentals of True Leadership

We all have different approaches to leadership. But for me, and what I want to emphasize in my own life, is that we need to lead through love and fulfillment.

The Power of Collaboration for Leaders: Unlocking Networks

As leaders, we are so often taught that leadership looks like power. We’re taught that we have to claw and fight our way to the top of the heap and then command everybody once we get there.