Ready for Lead Positive Change Tribe 2?

It’s just a few more weeks now until we launch our second round of Lead Positive Change. Starting September, we’ll be offering the course to residents of Lambeth to help them realise their vision of setting up a community project of their own.

At BUD, we’re particularly looking forward to a couple of things in our next round of Lead Positive Change. Firstly, we’re relishing the opportunity to meet so many inspiring individuals and hear their ideas for how they make change in their community. Secondly, we’re really excited to see how some of the changes we’ve made to Lead Positive Change impact and improve participant’s experience of the course! After our pilot course, we listened to the feedback of our participants and tweaked the structure of Lead Positive Change and added a few things, something we can’t wait to present to the community of Lambeth!

Lead Positive Change combines online and offline learning, with some parts being taught in person and others being taught remotely.  We’ve incorporated a peer support network that allows you to communicate, collaborate and share with other participants on the course, meaning that you’re never learning alone. What’s more, you can complete the course in your own time, meaning that the BUD team are here for support for as long as you need.

The idea of the course is capacity building – we want to develop each participant across a whole range of skills, whether they’re practical ones or more internal. For example, use the first stage of Lead Positive Change empowering participants to lead, discovering who they are and challenging negative thoughts that can get in the way of your own empowerment.

Then we turn our attention to developing and refining skills to help put existing ideas into action, helping participants to identify potential problems and pre-emptively solve them.

Finally we then turn to practical skills involved in the setting up and day-to-day running of your own community project such as how to pitch for funding, how to delegate, how to host effective meetings.

Lead Positive Change is certainly a comprehensive course, with many lessons that we hope participants carry beyond their community project into other areas of their life as well as share with others. Sound good or want to hear more? Great – register your interest here, and we will be in touch!