Mother’s Day at BUD – How Mothers Are an Asset to Any Workforce 

Research by the Office of National Statistics found that more than three-quarters of mothers are in work. Here at BUD, the backbone of our team are mothers, and we’d be lost without them. 

Both our founder Georgina Wilson and COO Jennifer Damaris are mothers, and believe that being a mum helps develop skills which are an asset to any workplace. 

“I think that being a mum is an incredibly important role in society as a whole, and I would say that you learn so many transferable skills being a mum.

“Even some of the people I work with say they’re not sure if they’re leaders. I say to them are you a mum? Then you are a leader.”

Speaking about the challenges of being a mother at work, Georgina thinks that although you want the best for your child, there are many benefits to maintaining work, and BUD prioritises allowing employees to do this.

“You want to ensure that you give your child as much as possible, but there’s a lot of pride you can take. Last week my daughter took a picture of me to one of her clubs as the person that inspired her. 

“She said she was inspired at how hard I worked, and that I was really caring and loving. She is able to see that through the work that I do, which is something I am so proud of. 

“At BUD, we always encourage people to be themselves. You can’t compartmentalise, and we offer flexibility and adapt to the needs of our employees.”

Jen echoes this sentiment, and she has drawn strength from her daughter since becoming a mother.

“Being a mum has given me meaning, and given me purpose. I think it has brought me more of a reason to work hard, not just so I can support and provide for my family, but so I can teach my child the value of hard work, independence and responsibility,” says Jen. 

“There have obviously been challenges. When I first started back at work, from being a stay-at-home mum, it was really difficult leaving my child in the care of a stranger. 

“But it’s really helped that I’m working towards something I believe in. I’m able to occupy myself having a job I can be proud of, and working for a company that’s got so much going on. 

“Being a mum is such a great asset. It has taught me I am stronger, more resilient, and more patient than I ever thought I could be.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports, cares for, and loves those around them. Mothers are the foundations that our workplaces, families and communities are built on, and we are forever grateful for the work they do in all aspects of life.