Leading Positive Change – it begins at work 

For a majority, it can often feel like there’s a disconnect between where you work, and what you’re passionate about. While many enjoy their jobs, fewer can say that they feel that they’re enacting real social change at work.

Research conducted by the CIPD found “work can have a deep sense of meaning to an individual, acting as a source of achievement and fulfilment. 

Equally, work can become an ‘alien’ activity, disconnected from the individual and seen only as a toil or laborious activity.”

You’ve probably heard the saying “choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. 

If you’re passionate about making a difference, work presents a fantastic opportunity to do so. 

“As of November 2021, the average weekly number of hours worked by full-time workers in the United Kingdom was 35.8 hours”

This could be time spent working towards social change, supporting your community, or inspiring others, all whilst getting paid. 

If you draw fulfilment and achievement from helping others and making a real difference, it may be that some jobs simply aren’t suited to you. 

You’ve probably also noticed that work is changing. 

On the back of the pandemic, Of the employed population, 35.9% did some work at home in 2020. Whilst data has not been released yet, it would be safe to assume this increased again in 2021.

Worldwide, the relationship those seek from work is shifting. You may have heard about the great resignation in America, with 4.5 million Americans quitting work. People are wanting to work on their terms, for reasons more personal to themselves. 

What this presents for you as an employee is a great opportunity to redesign your work life, and re-evaluate what you expect from work. There are new opportunities with benefits such as flexible hours, work-from-home days, and new methods of working.

Maybe you might not have been able to travel an hour to work each day. Maybe you have children to look after, so haven’t been able to work more hours. Maybe you’ve got a disability, and have been struggling to find an accessible employer. Maybe you just want a new job. 

On the back of the pandemic, you might find now that a position is much more suited to your needs. 

There are many fantastic organisations who are Leading Positive Change, and making a difference at work. What can be difficult is knowing where to look.

This is why we’re launching our new job board! Every week, we will be releasing job opportunities, from organisations making a real difference.

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