Innovations in Leadership

I have designed a really exciting new course on How to Successfully Lead a Community Project. I am so happy to present it to you because I believe that everyone who wants to start a community project should be able to. I know that you all have brilliant ideas, it’s now just a matter of getting those ideas out there. I think one of the most important parts to being an effective leader is learning how to collaborate. For me, leading a community project doesn’t mean bossing people around. It doesn’t mean telling your team what to do. It means learning how to harness one another’s skills. It’s about identifying what’s special about each one of us and using those unique abilities to get our project off the ground.

And here’s what’s so revolutionary about my course: I believe so strongly in the power of skill sharing, and I want so badly for anyone who wants access to this course to have it, that I’m making skills sharing an option for payment. I know finances can sometimes be a barrier, but I don’t want it to be. I believe we all have something to offer, and tapping those skills is my innovative approach to leadership. Let’s start changing the world together!