Our Impact

This is the first time I've understood my role in leadership
Manager at Specsavers
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience [of lead positive change], the team were great and I felt a huge sense of unity, comradery and learned so much and I'm truly grateful for the experiential learning
Marcia Jones
Founder of Sister2Sister
Lead positive change gave me the confidence to set up and think through the Repair Party events I need to set up as part of my role. I found active listening is a really important skill to learn and is the one that stuck with me the most
Alys Penfold
Burrower Support Lead at Library of Things
If you're looking to learn about inclusive leadership, get in touch with Georgina at BUD. They offer online sessions for individuals and businesses to improve their leadership with regards to inclusiveness. I really enjoyed the workshop I attended. It was informative and fun. It's always great to meet people who are working on similar goals and share their knowledge and experience. Thank you BUD!
Marie S.
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Fletchers Solicitors
Did exactly what it said on the tin! Everyone left wanting more! Facilitators were amazing, they absolutely smashed it!
Jen Baughan
CEO at Solutions for the Planet
With Georgina's guidance, motivation and ability to engage with people from all backgrounds and interests in a common cause and hold onto her values, she has changed people at Transport for London
Simon Mouncey
Communities and Partnerships Specialist at Transport for London
Being on the [Open Space Open Project] programme has allowed me to build in confidence. So far, it has provided me with valuable insight into some of the barriers that prevent the community from progressing and really shaped the way I approach leadership of others
Annie Gibbs
Founder of Amour Destine
Lead Positive Change has enabled us to think strategically about how the projects can have a sustainable, long-term approach within the community. It has given our community leaders the time to plan a community business
Mel Christodoulou
Manager at Yellow Qube Community Centre
Georgina and Lere are master facilitators! I thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt so much not only about the team but also about myself. The activities they devised provided us the perfect opportunity to be open, transparent and critical without judgement. I loved the informal (almost "family" like) vibe they brought to the room. I highly recommend BUD Leaders to anyone looking to bring about transformative change to their organisation's structure, culture or management
Feryal Ryan
Team Leader at BLAM
I’ve just completed the ROC inclusive leadership course and started my journey to becoming a more inclusive leader. Everyone at BUD is really passionate about learning and it comes across in each of the videos by each of the facilitators. The BUD inclusive leadership course is a great way to start your journey to becoming a more inclusive leader.
Chris Penn
Head of Retail Delivery at William Hill
My highlights of working with Bud just recently have been the overwhelming feeling of support you just get from the facilitators. I was just made to believe in myself more than I’ve ever been able to
Participant - Train the Trainer
Love how you emphasized our responsibility to speak up and how leadership does not necessarily require knowledge but confidence to start to do our part in the overarching puzzle
Sustainability Developer