How health and wellbeing is at the forefront for Britain’s largest employers

Now more than ever, employers are realising the importance of supporting the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Big companies are trialling new and exciting new things to improve work for thousands across the country, which may give you some inspiration for what you can do as a small employer.

So, what are the big companies doing?

Tesco has partnered with Nuffield Health, and offers mental health awareness training

Tesco has partnered with Nuffield Health to aid the health and wellbeing of employees nationwide. 

They offer discounted gym memberships, free blood pressure checks and health checks. 

Tesco also requires compulsory mental health awareness training for new managers in all of their stores through Mind, the mental health charity.

B&Q offers a Employee Assistance Programme

B&Q offer free and confidential support and counselling to help employees through matters such as wellbeing, divorce, legal, and financial management.

They also offer online resources, where all employees can access material relating to mental health, financial advice, and support away from work. 

Sainsburys have Wellbeing Champions, and have recently launched Unmind

Sainsburys have 2,500 Wellbeing Champions nationwide, who help raise awareness of the Wellbeing benefits they have in place, talk to colleagues, and signpost them to the right help should they need it. 

They have also recently launched Unmind: 

“We are delighted to have launched Unmind this year. Unmind is a confidential, scientifically backed digital application which enables colleagues to measure, monitor and improve their wellbeing over time – offering positive and preventative solutions for all aspects of life. 

“It is available to every single colleague and they are also able to share the platform with a friend or family member too.” 

Co-op have Wellbeing Wednesdays, and offers personalised fitness programmes

Co-op have been running ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’, where every month they focus on a specific area of wellbeing. 

“On the first Wednesday of every month, we’ll be focusing on a specific area of wellbeing, with new resources, support and live events.”

Co-op also offers a free personalised fitness programme through smart health. 

“We know when it comes to finding the best fitness programme for you, there is no ‘one size fits all’, so visit Smart Health and complete a short questionnaire, based on what you want to achieve. Sports coaches and nutritionists will then put together a 4 or 8 week plan just for you, offering support along the way.”

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