Embracing change – why it matters 

Work IS changing. 

Summarised by the Cranfield School of Management, “the nature of work, the workforce and work relations are being reshaped by changing demographics and greater diversity, increased global integration, technological advancement and increased competitive pressures for organisations, both in product markets and for employees due to socio, political and economic shifts.” 

You might have noticed you’re working more from home. Government research shows: “Of the employed population, 35.9% did some work at home in 2020”.

You might have noticed that you are having less in-person meetings, or that your hours have become more flexible. You might have been required to use new technologies at work. 

Technological research firm Gartner even estimate that: “By 2028, employees will use avatars, language software, conversational interfaces and real-time dialect translation to work and speak with team members”.

Change can be scary. Change, however, invites growth. 

The Chaordic path is a model of thinking originated by businessman and founder of Visa Dee Hock, used to help accept and embrace change. 

He theorised growth and development happens within a state of ‘chaos’ and ‘order’. 

You might be struggling to accept change, and embrace ‘chaord’, however working solely within ‘order’ or ‘control’ becomes stagnant.  

Think about it, if no one ever innovated, or invited ‘chaos’, we wouldn’t have new technologies, medicines, thought processes, etc. 

Instead, we need to learn to operate in the area between chaos and order in the chaordic path. That is where creativity, innovation, and generative flow happen.

Although change is ultimately good, organisations need to be careful to not ‘collapse’, i.e. lean too far into change, and alienate people, be it employees, customers, or clients.  

There are steps you and your organisation can take to avoid collapse, which is why we developed the ROC course. We cover in greater detail the Chaordic path, alongside methods and tools for transformation, innovation and better productivity. 

With 6 different modules, over 6 hours of content, and the opportunity to speak directly to our mentors, we are currently offering the course on a limited-time offer of £147. You can access this offer and learn more here.