Celebrating the Achievements of Women in Leadership!

Celebrating the Achievements of Women in Leadership!

BUD is a female-run, diverse organisation set up in 2014 by Georgina Wilson. She started her journey with the desire to lead positive change and empower others. Georgina has now created unconventional leadership programmes that help plug the gap between the desire to lead change and having the tools to do so. Indeed an inspiring female leader!

BUD advocates for inclusivity in leadership and entrepreneurship. We train leaders to be empowered and enabled to fearlessly leave a legacy.

This month and beyond, we aim to challenge the suppression women have faced in leadership roles. With this year’s international women’s day theme #ChooseToChallenge, it is abundantly clear women have, during the pandemic, risen and shown their competency, leadership expertise and independence by leading fearlessly.

As the UN women’s organisation have said:

“Women leaders and women’s organizations have demonstrated their skills, knowledge and networks to effectively lead in COVID-19 response and recovery efforts. Today there is more acceptance than ever before that women bring different experiences, perspectives and skills to the table, and make irreplaceable contributions to decisions, policies and laws that work better for all.”

This month we are celebrating women’s achievements in striving for an equal future by challenging inequality.

As a female-run business, we value the strength, efforts and commitment women have dedicated to leading their community.

So here are a few, from many, success stories of our female participants who have become strong leaders in their communities by choosing to challenge their obstacles:

FEARLESS LEADER PROGRAMME is a residential weekend which aims to nurture emerging leaders, build their confidence and realise their potential of becoming fearless, empowered and decisive leaders. This programme is all about challenging the obstacle we face on the journey of becoming leaders!

LEAD POSITIVE CHANGE programme is our signature programme which aims to help participants gain entrepreneurial skills to independently kickstart their own community project or enterprise for positive change. This programme is all about leading positivity in our communities, whether it be challenging inequality or supporting others.

STORYTELLING TO BUILD ENGAGEMENT is a 1-day workshop we offer to help participants create a vision of their organisation through storytelling, social media and communications plan in order to engage with their community. This programme is about building a good comms plan to channel your voice and message to your community!

We want to inspire women, renew their faith within themselves, and help them achieve their dreams! This can only happen with your determination to #ChooseToChallenge the hurdles that block your path to success.

Here at BUD we facilitate the bright future women have in leadership and decision-making and contribute to an equal future for everyone. Join one of our programmes to challenge the inequality we face as female leaders!

Sending love, appreciation and blessings to women all around the world. Let’s celebrate Women in Leadership!