Gender inequalities  – why do they happen?

It is well documented that there are gender-related inequalities in some of the UK’s biggest companies and industries.  For example, women make up just 0.81% of all mechanics, technicians and electricians. There is also evidence of a correlation between gender imbalances in industry and a gender pay gap; as an example, Tool makers, tool fitters…

Embracing change – why it matters 

Work IS changing.  Summarised by the Cranfield School of Management, “the nature of work, the workforce and work relations are being reshaped by changing demographics and greater diversity, increased global integration, technological advancement and increased competitive pressures for organisations, both in product markets and for employees due to socio, political and economic shifts.”  You might…

Diversity and Inclusion: Why Both Matter

The working world has changed drastically ever since COVID began. It is important for individuals and organisations to understand the effect that diversity and inclusion has at their workplaces. It is evident that many workplace dynamics remain the same regardless of COVID’s impact, which has not translated well for most women, especially women of colour….