Our Programmes

Our team is dedicated to creating innovative, “out of the box” workshops and courses that are designed to empower participants to lead positive change. Through a combination of online and offline teaching methods, we use our carefully selected team of guest speakers, industry experts and facilitators to help you achieve the aims of our workshops. Below we’ve listed some of our workshops that we’ve successfully designed and run.

Lead Positive Change

This course is for anybody who wants to make a positive change to their community. Whether you have an idea for a community project already but don’t know to approach it or just want a little inspiration so you can think of one, this 12-week workshop is for you.

Fearless Leader

If you are unsure your leadership skills and want to discover a confidence in your ability to lead others then this course if for you. The Fearless Leader program will allow you to become the leader that you want to be through a combination of 1:1 exercises and group learning.


Want to be part of building inclusive spaces for community action? What projects would you like to see in your community? OurSpace brings ideas into action by working with leaders. With the support from the experienced OurSpace team, community activists will gain new tools and skills to be able to facilitate, set up business-growth events and empower other members of their communities to bring their project ideas to life.