BUD interns describe what it’s like to work for the company

Interns Selin and Jonathan have recently finished interning at BUD, having started in February. They describe what it’s like to work for the company, and what they have learned from their experiences.

Selin worked closely with BUD COO Marilena, and loved the “freedom’ afforded in selecting tasks. 

“At BUD the people were super positive and friendly and the work environment made me feel like I fit in. So my takeaway from BUD is when you work with positive people it will always have a positive impact.”

“After working with BUD my communication skills improved. People [at BUD] helped me so much when improving this skill, especially Marilena. I’ve realised that I wasn’t as good as I am now, and that I can improve my communication skills if I put the effort into it.” 

“Everyone was approachable and friendly and I feel like I have made life long connections with them. At some point I would love to work with BUD again.”

Interning during a pandemic provided its own challenges, and although it was difficult at the start, Jonathan still gained a lot from the experience. 


“Obviously it was challenging as it was all online and all of the meetings were taken via zoom, it wasn’t as easy to get those amazing in person experiences. 


“But it was also rewarding at the same time because it required me and everyone in the team to be creative about trying to create similar interactions we would have had in person.”


The most important thing Jonathan took away from his internship was the opportunity to work alongside members of the BUD team. He described CEO Georgina as “very talented, very optimistic and very passionate about what she does. 


“It would be easy to talk about my own skills and the things that I developed but I would say it’s the people you work with. It’s the opportunity to work alongside creative, talented, diverse and positive individuals.


“[I’ve learned] to work with a group of people, whether it’s in person or online, and to be able to manage their expectations.


“I’m looking to continue to connect with everyone who I met, I found everyone very professional, very positive and open minded. I hope to stay in contact and meet in person one day.”

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