BLOC – Features you should know about

After joining the BUD Leaders Online Community, aka BLOC, there’s so much you can do. This article is designed to talk you through some of our features, and help you make the most of BLOC.

Exchange Skills with Others through SkillShare

Ever wanted to learn something new, but didn’t know where to start? Need specialist help with a project, but don’t know where to look? Our SkillShare feature allows you to exchange time and skills with other members, completely free. 

Through BLOC, we’re aiming to create a culture of reciprocity, so make sure to offer your skills and time to other members in an area you specialise in. The more you help others, the more you can access help from others! 

Exchanges can take place online, on the phone, or in person. Just make sure to log in and note any SkillShares. 

This platform is offered to you for free. Each member helps support the platform by giving and receiving one hour’s worth of skill exchange every month, in lieu of a membership fee! For every hour you spend helping someone you earn a credit which can be exchanged for an hour in return… for more information read the guide.

Use our Challenge feature

Using the Challenge feature enables members to ask for support on existing projects, and get expert feedback. Members can rate ideas, ask for support, or simply share some ideas. There is also a rating system, where members can provide endorsement.  

We want as active a community as possible, where members are supportive of each other. The Challenge feature allows for you to field ideas and help others, so make sure to use it! 

You can read more on our guide.

Collaborate in Tribes

‘Tribes’ are collaborative spaces for you to work together and manage community projects. Think of it as a space for your own projects! It’s a great place to break away into individual groups, and speak directly and privately with people you want to work with. 

Anyone can create a tribe or be invited to join a tribe. There is chat functionality, alongside space to post and work on projects.


Make sure to familiarise yourself with your Dashboard as well! You can change your profile information here, check your inbox, check your activity listings and notifications. Everything is fully personalisable, and designed to help you stand out. Make sure to keep all your information up-to-date, so you can best utilise BLOC.


Badges are awarded to members who achieve certain milestones. For example, you can apply for a badge for being an active member for more than 3 months, or when you complete your first Goal. They’re a great way of showing your commitment to BLOC, and showing people that you are active in the community. 

BLOC is a great first step in realising your vision, and joining a like-minded community space gives you the opportunity to help others as well. This blog provides a brief overview of what you can do, but the platform only works if people choose to get involved! 


These are only a few of the things you can on BLOC! You can join BLOC from the 8th of November here! We are also running an event on the 17th of November, where we talk through how you can access and use some of the features on the website! You can sign up to the event here

Spend some time exploring the features, and get excited! BLOC is a great opportunity, and completely free.