Who are we?

UK’s premier consultancy dedicated to provide support to those leading positive change, BUD has been living and breathing “out-of-the-box” leadership methodology since 2014. Using unique and unconventional techniques, we’re here to help you achieve the most with the people around you.

We are the changemakers who empower business and community leaders to make positive change by equipping, enabling, and empowering them.”

Here at BUD, we’re proud of what we do. We have delivered several successful training courses on Community Projects, Community Development, Discovering your Potential, and Starting your Own Enterprise. Seeing that “ahah” moment on our students’ faces when they realize just how much they’re capable of, bearing witness to that life changing moment of recognition, is what makes our work worth it.

Our Values

Our mission is to “support leaders for positive change.” This defines the way we collaborate with you and with each other. Using our unique tools and creative participatory approach, we exist to guide you along the pathway to success on an individual, business, and community level. We believe in a process of continuous learning, supporting ideas driven by passion, and inspiring the courage it takes to make your vision a reality.

The Dream Team

Georgina Wilson

Founder and CEO

BUD is the brainchild of luminary Georgina Wilson. She, along with a dream team of specialists and trainers, work to help people and groups grow for positive change. Served by a variety of versatile traits ranging from social entrepreneurship to public speaking, Georgina is a dynamic and inspiring woman devoted to making things happen. Georgina is passionate about about facilitating real change and uses innovative outside the box approaches in her organisations and programmes to ensure that that are accessible for all. Her ideal is for every person to know and understand their value and purpose evolving into their authentic self so that they con contribute to the world positively.

Carrie Swift

Coach / Trainer

Carrie is our incredible, award-winning public speaking coach. With a strong background in linguistics, business, and psychology, she has used her amazing set of skills to found and manage the organization “Love Public Speaking.” And now, she is here to help you develop powerful communication skills and to engage in transformative leadership training

Clients + Collaborators